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Tue & Wed 10 am to 2 pm
Thu - Sat 10 am to 5 pm
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~ NEW ITEMS ~ Updated 11/26/16

Madame Chantilly
Madame Chantilly
Threadwork Primitives
Little House Needleworks
Little House Needleworks
Little House Needleworks
The Vickery Collection
NeedleWork Press
Threadwork Primitives
Country Cottage Needleworks 'Merry and Bright'
Stoney Creek Collection 'Harvest Blessings'
Summer House Stitche Workes '2016 Fragments in Time - Squirrel'
Summer House Stitche Workes '2016 Fragments in Time - Fox'
Scattered Seed Samplers 'Peace & Plenty'
Lizzie*Kate Boxer Kit 'I Am Only One'
Lizzie*Kate 'Prayer of St. Francis' chart
Lizzie*Kate 'O Christmas Tree' Kit - all you need is thread!!
Lizzie*Kate 'Noel Limited Edition Kit' including the 'Old School Santa' needle nannie!!!!!!!!!
Pineberry Lane 'O'Tannenbaum'
The Nebby Needle 'Dance by the Light of the Moon'
The Stitcherhood 'Sleigh Parking Only'
The Stitcherhood 'Christmas Tree'
Plum Street Samplers 'Kringle & Woodard'
Plum Street Samplers 'Merry Friends'
Plum Street Samplers 'Pomegranate Santa'
With Thy Needle and Thread 'October Feast'
With Thy Needle and Thread 'Christmas Tea'
With Thy Needle and Thread 'The Christmas Bird'
With Thy Needle and Thread "Wool & Flax'
With Thy Needle and Thread 'Snow for Christmas'
Abby Rose Designs 'Milady's Manor'
Plum Street Samplers 'Olga's Autumn Stocking'
Plum Street Samplers 'Autumn Ewe'
Plum Street Samplers 'Siren Cove'
Plum Street Samplers 'Turkey Bay'
Kathy Barrick 'Halloween on the Farm'
The Prairie Schooler Re-print 'Thanksgiving Comes Again'
The Prairie Schooler '12 Days of Christmas'
The Prairie Schooler 'Acorns'
The Prairie Schooler 'Old St. Nick'
Homespun Elegance 'Treats for Thee'
ScissorTail Designs 'Christmas Whimsies'
Needle Bling Designs 'Christmas Tree - 1'
Needle Bling Designs 'Holiday Dont's'
Nikycreations 'January Cat'
Nikyscreations 'February Swan'
Nikyscreations 'March Redbird'
Nikyscreations 'Spring Sampler'
Homespun Samplar 'The Quaker Sampling'
Heartstring Samplery 'In Everything'
Heartstring Samplery 'H is for Holly'
Heartstring Sampler 'Do You Hear What I Hear?'
Abby Rose Designs 'Merry Christmas'
La-D-Da 'Virtue'
Tree of Life Samplings "Penny Treats'
Threadwork Primitives 'Bountiful Blessings'
Blackberry Lane Designs 'Home for the Winter'
Blackberry Lane Designs 'Jolly Olde St. Nick'
Jardin Prive 'Happy Holidays'
Lizzie*Kate 'Snowy Sleds'
Lizzie*Kate 'Peppermint Sleds'
SamSarah Design 'This Winter of Love'
SamSarah Design 'Thing of Wonder'
Barbara Ana Designs 'Christmas Ornaments'
Madame Chantilly 'Christmas Scooter'
Madame Chantilly 'Oh Christmas Tree'
Madame Chantilly 'Christmas Portrait'
Madame Chantilly 'Christmas in the Forest'
Jim Shore Mill Hill Kit 'Angel with Cardinal'
Jim Shore Mill Hill Kit 'Angel with Lantern'
Jim Shore Mill Hill Kit 'Owl'
Jim Shore Mill Hill Kit 'Penquin'
Jim Shore Mill Hill Kit 'Snowman with Lights'
Jim Shore Mill Hill Kit 'Snowman Dancing'
Mirabilia Designs 'Portrait of Veronica'
Hands on Designs 'Mend'
MTV Designs 'Christmas Sewing Set'
Tempting Tangles 'Little Brown Jug'
Victorian Rose Needlearts 'For Catherine Davies'
Victorian Rose Needlearts 'Hannah Atkinson'
Victorian Rose Needlearts 'For Jane Baxter'
Misty Hill Studio 'Peace Lights'
Misty Hill Studio 'Winter Band Sampler'
Misty Hill Studio 'Winter Peace'
The Drawn Thread 'Good Tidings' chart
The Drawn Thread 'Merry Christmas' chart
Little House Needleworks 'Sampler Series - LMN' chart
Little House Needleworks '2016 Christmas Ornament' chart
Little House Needleworks 'Merry Christmas pillow' chart
Country Cottage Needleworks 'Snow Place #1" chart
Country Cottage Needleworks 'Santa's Sampler' chart
The Scarlett House 'A Peaceful Gathering' chart
Rosewood Manor 'Hannah Bacon Reproduction Sampler' chart
Pineberry Lane 'Witch's Brew' chart
Stacy Nash Primitives 'Let's Meet at a Garden Gate' chart
Stacy Nash Primitives 'Redbud Cottage pinkeep' chart
Stacy Nash Primitives 'House the Stitching Built' chart
Stacy Nash Primitives 'House on Pumpkin Hill' chart
Stacy Nash Primitives 'Heart pinkeep' chart
Stacy Nash Primitives 'Goode Stitching Witch pinkeep' chart
Stacy Nash Primitives 'Freedom Needle book' chart
Stacy Nash Primitives 'Deck the Halls pinkeep' chart
Stacy Nash Primitives 'December 25 pinkeep' chart
Stacy Nash Primitives 'Boxwood manor Needle book' chart
Stacy Nash Primitives 'Be Kind and True' chart
Return & Special Request Policies

Due to the 'nature' of needlework
supplies, Valley Needleworks does
NOT accept returns.
Fabric and threads are extremely
'odor-absorbing', as are many
other stitching supplies.
All Sales are considered 'Final'.

**However, it is understood that 'unique' situations occur so please feel
free to contact me at ~
or leave a message at the shop
I will take these 'case by case'
and contact you personally.
Effective immediately

'Requested &/or special-order items'
will require full payment at
time of request.
Of course, there are times when
'pricing' is not known.
In these events, an estimated deposit
will be determined for pre-payment.
~ We Do Ship ~

Shipping costs are 12% of Order Total
*I did figure this out to be the average*
Priority Mail will be charged the
normal USPS flat fees.

*ALL Shipping Orders with merchandise
totals of at least $100.00 will
receive Free Shipping*
Needle Nannies & Magnets
***** IN STOCK NOW *****
Garden Borders
Strawberry Fields
Sweet Home
Home Sweet Home magnets
Love to Stitch
Merry Christmas
Vintage Christmas Collection magnets
~Thank You for Supporting Valley Needleworks~

'Always Be Stitching!' ~ Jennifer Cave
The Shop Will Be Closed
12/24/16 through 12/27/16

'After Christmas Sale'
December 28th - 31st
10 am to 3 pm

Re-opening with
Regular Shop Hours
January 3, 2017