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Shop Hours:  Tue- Sat     10 am - 5 pm
We are located near I-81 & RT 66!
Please call for directions.
The Valley Needleworks' Team !!
“Stitching in the Valley"
2015 Retreat
Middletown, VA
October 9th – 11th, 2015

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Images of the Class Projects are beginning to come in:

"A Pomegranate Pincushion"
by Debbie Culp

Summer House Stitche Workes
Beth Seal
Class Palette of Goodies
for the Needle Roll
"Prim Stitcher's Society"
Retreat Merchant Mall
April 30th - May 3rd, 2015
We will be accepting
Pre-Orders through
April 18th - 10% OFF!!

2015 Items - New Images at Bottom

Milady's Needle "Sweetheart Sewing Tin"
"My Cat" limited edition button with freebie chart
Lone Elm Lane "True Friends" chart mounted in one their beautiful boxes!
Ink Circles "Get Kraken"
Bent Creek "Flowers in the Spring Time"
Cherished Stitches "Primrose Hill"
Samplers Notforgotten "Spring Garden Sampler"
Samplers Notforgotten "Birds' Song"
Threads of Memory "The Time of Flowers"
Threads of Memory "For My Friend"
Tree of Life Samplings "Tender Father Sampler - Sarah Cooper 1844"
Threads of Memory "Eliza Morehane 1791"
Threads of Memory "Dreaming of China"
Tree of Life Samplings "Needle's Guide"
Hands on Designs "Oh Bee Hive"
"S is for Swan"
Bent Creek Nashville Exclusive Kit "Black-capped Chickadee"
Bent Creek "Patriotic Mantle"
Bent Creek "Begin" Kit
Bent Creek "Happy Chinese New Year"
Kathy Barrick "Three Snakes in Paradise"
Kathy Barrick "Little Lamb"
Kathy Barrick "Lazy Bear Mountain"
Kathy Barrick "Good Intentions"
Kathy Barrick "Bird's Eye View"
Hands on Designs "Harmony & Prosperity"
Hands on Designs "Stitch Every Day"
NeedleWork Press "1745 Boston Band Sampler"
Plum Street Samplers "Sampler Lesson - One"
Plum Street Samplers "Spring Rolls"
Plum Street Samplers "The Black Cherry Tart"
Sue Hillis Designs' Nashville Release Flyer
Stacy Nash Primitives "Fraktur Bird Punchneedle Bag"
The Scarlett House "Susan Wasband"
The Scarlett House "Margaret Lillle 1812"
The Scarlett House "Henrietta Binns 1837"
The Scarlett House "Harriet Taylor 1842"
Teresa Kogut "Geometric Pincushion" Punchneedle
Summer House Stitche Workes Limited Edition Kit "The Gift Keeps Giving" - please submit pre-orders ASAP as this is going to go very fast and there is limited supply!!
"Elena Tratman 1824"
Lizzie*Kate Farm Fob
Lizzie*Kate "Buzz"
Homespun Elegance "Spring Eggs V"
GigiR "Marget Withrow 1809"
GigiR "Mary Ann Johncock 1840"
Long Dog Samplers & the Gentle Art collaboration - "Cardinal Points" charity piece.
From the Heart "January"
Chessie & Me "Tudor Rose"
Chessie & Me "Tallman House 1864 Sampler"
Chessie & Me "Rose and Crown Sampler"
Chessie & Me "Gentlewoman's Stitching Box"
Chessie & Me "Garden Blooms"
Chessie & Me "American Coast"
Mary Tributt
Henrietta Frankland
Parrot Pyn Keep
The WorkBasket - Limited Edition Re-print "Americana" - please submit pre-orders ASAP as this one is going to be Popular!!
The Nebby Needle "Forever Always" Wedding Sampler
The Nebby Needle "Her Majesty"
Lindsay Lane Designs & Faithwurks Designs - "Easter" Card
Lindsay Lane Designs "Skate"
Notforgotten Farm "Uncharted Linen"
Notforgotten Farm "Spring Farm House"
Notforgotten Farm "Old St. Nick"
Notforgotten Farm "Early Bird"
Notforgotten Farm "Loureda Gieste 1830"
Notforgotten Farm "Jingle All the Way"
With thy Needle "A Shepherd's Sampler"
With thy Needle "Woodland Yuletide"
With thy Needle "Brr"
With thy Needle "Starry Night"
Lizzie*Kate "Hip Hop Kit'
Designs by Lisa "Who Love You - Boy"
Designs by Lisa "Who Loves You - Girl"
Alessandra Adelaide "Spring Air"
Keslyn's "Mahogany Crown"
Ink Circles - The Mandelas - separate charts - previously featured in Just Cross Stitch Magazine.
Elizabeth's Designs "Shepherd's Moon Cottage"
Elizabeth's Designs "Antique Songbird Sampler"
Stacy Nash Primitives "Buttermilk & Blue Sewing Bag"
By the Bay Needleart "Time to Blossom"
Summer House Stitche Workes Postcards Series - #1 "Paris"
Summer House Stitche Works Postcards Series - #2 "Voyage"
Summer House Stitche Workes Postcards Series - #3 "Lark"
Retromantic Fripperies - NEW Wooden Tray with scroll-worked handles being released in Nashville!
Retromantic Fripperies - NEW Wooden Box being released in Nashville!
La-D-Da "Garden Birds Tool Book Kit" & "Basket Weave Needle Keep Kit"
La-D-Da "Honeysuckle Birth Sampler", "Eliza Mitchell Sampler", "Garden Birds", "Blooms & Berries Bag" & "Pocket for Posies Bag"
Praiseworthy Stitches "Going to Grandma's"
Limited Edition Kit by Lizzie*Kate "A Little Gray Hare" - WDWs 32 CT Seafoam linen & WDWs floss, rick rack, backing fabric for $25.00
New Floss Colors from Weeks Dye Works
Glendon Place "Woodland Wonder"
Glendon Place "Winds... Olive Trees"
Glendon Place "Eggcellent Easter"
The Sweetheart Tree "What A Stitch!"
The Sweetheart Tree "Love You, Love You More"
The Sweetheart Tree "Itty Bitty Patriotic Kitty"
The Sweetheart Tree "Canterbury Rose Sampler"
The Sweetheart Tree "The Busy Easter Bunny"
The Sweetheart Tree "Patience" - Wishes for You Series
The Sweetheart Tree "Bumble Bee Biscornu"
The Sweetheart Tree "Bumble Bee Fob"
The Sweetheart Tree "Whitework Lace"
Homespun Eleganc "Avery's Little Red Truck"
Homespun Elegance "Quaker Scissor Heart"
The Primitive Hare "Quaker Heart in Hand"
The Primitive Hare "Love is a State of Being"
The Primitive Hare "Love Cubes"
The Primitive Hare "Winter's Ice Queen"
The Primitive Hare "Frau Holle"
Samplers Revisited "Sarah Green 1849"
Samplers Revisited "Hay Cairns 1840"
GPA Designs "Anne Spence 1801"
GPA Designs "Anne Spence 1801" Accessories
GPA "Goose Maiden Sewing Etui" - LIMITED EDITION KIT!!!!
Interior image of The Goose Maiden Limited Edition Kit
JBW Designs "Joy of Living"
JBW Designs "French Country Elephant"
JBW Designs "Tooth Fairy Pocket"
JBW Designs "You Shall See Wonders"
JBW Designs "French Country Snowman"
JBW Designs "Butterfly Needle Case"
JBW Designs "Monogrammed Tulips"
The Scarlett House "Mary Betchell 1810"
From the Heart "Fairy Garden Needlebook"
Nashville Exclusive - "Summer Quaker" by Lindsay Lane Designs
Nashville Exclusive - "Bluebird Sampler" by Lindsay Lane Designs
Lindsay Lane Designs "Frances Carter Sampler"
Madame Chantilly "Winter Owls"
Madame Chantilly "On The Beach"
Mani di Donna "Quaker Sewing Box" Kit - 32 CT Belfast Cream, Romy's Creations floss, & hand-painted button (box pull) for $20.00.
Hand-painted Thread Winder - $12.00.
Mani di Donna Limited Edition Class Kit Exclusive "A Stitcher's Basket" - 32 CT Belfast Antique Ivory, Romy's Creations floss, handmade wooden handle - $18.00
Mani di Donna "Patriotic Days Sewing Basket" Kit - 32 CT Meadow Rue by Lakeside Linens, WDWs floss, hand made wooden handle & star button (on scissor fob) - $26.00. Exclusive Patriotic Pins (set of 3) - $7.50
Praiseworthy Stitches "Simple Gifts"
Praiseworthy Stitches "Let It Snow" scissor fob
Praiseworthy Stitches "Snowflake Sparkle"
Praiseworthy Stitches "Dancing in the Moonlight"
Praiseworthy Stitches "Steppin' Out" scissor fob
Romy's Creations "Wisdom Collection 1"
Shepherd's Bush "Abundance Sampler"
Rosewood Manor "Dreaming of Tulips"
Rosewood Manor "Mornings at Seven"
Rosewood Manor "At the Heart of It"
Another Erica Michaels' Sneek Peek
Lindsay Lane Designs "Avice Fox"
Lindsay Lane Designs "Celebration of Fall"
Lindsay Lane Designs "Maria Ceron 1830" Her Hornbook
Lindsay Lane Designs "Maria Cerson 1830" Her Sewing Box
Filigram "Welcome Winter"
Filigram "Nice Snowflakes"
Puffin & Co. Wood Needle Boxes
Puffin & Co. Large Wooden Scissor/Accessories Box
Puffin & Co. Magnetic Needle Threaders
Tempting Tangles "Ancestral Tree"
Tempting Tangles Cross Stitch Chart "Bedtime Blessing Birth Sampler"
Tempting Tangles "Ebony & Ivory"
Long Dog Samplers "The Love of Two"
Limited Edition Kit by Amy Bruecken Designs "Sweet, Sweet Summertime" Fridge Art - WDWs 30 CT Chartreuse Linen & WDWs floss, magnet, backboard, and beads for $25.00
Handblessings Designs "Lace Ort Box"
Limited Edition by Alessandra Adelaide - very, very limited - Butterfly embellishment included!
Limited Edition Kit by Abby Rose Designs "Pins and Needles" - hand-dyed 30 CT linen, WDWs floss, ribbon, backing fabric for $36.00
Priscilla's Pocket Stoneware Series II
Limited Edition Kit by Stacy Nash Primitives "Cherry Hollow Farm" - WDWs 36 CT Beige & WDWs floss for $44.00
Limited Edition Kit by Chessie & Me "1801 House" includes WDWs 32 CT Confederate Gray & WDWs floss, paper mache rectangle box for $32.00
Summer House Stitche Workes "Pin Money Pocket" - The Finishing is Gorgeous - Beth is very talented!
Summer House Stitche Workes "Sohpia - A Baltimore Bride"
The Nebby Needle "Handful of Love"
Notforgotten Farm "Colonial Hill Farm" Punch Needle
Notforgotten Farm "Witches Brew" Punch Needle
Queenstown Sampler Designs "Phebe Ann Ashbridge"
Queenstown Sampler Designs "Townscape"
Queenstown Sampler Designs "Mercedes Ospina 1863"
Queenstown Sampler Designs "Lydia Sharp"
Queenstown Sampler Designs "Dutch Sampler 1847"
Queenstown Samplers Designs "Ruth Passmore 1804"
Queenstown Sampler Designs "Abigail Pearson 1845"
Queenstown Sampler Designs "Fanny Covell c.1790" - I have an ancestor named Fanny Hatfield... hope your not a McCoy - LOL!
Queenstown Sampler Designs "Jane Davis 1811"
Pineberry Lane Reproduction Sampler Sneak Peek
Pineberry Lane "Tokens of Affection"
Nikyscreations chart "Stitching Sampler"
Nikyscreations chart "Seasonal Band Sampler"
Nikyscreations charts - Amish Girl Series - "January" & "February"
Nikyscreations charts - Amish Girl Series - "March" & "April"
Nikyscreations chart "House of Gardening"
Limited Edition Kit by Nikyscreations "Girl Sewing Pouch" - everything included!
Pickle Barrel Designs "Salty Kisses..."
"Let It Snow" distributed by Broderie World
"Blanc Comme" distributed by Broderie World
Mani di Donna - Art Nouveau Scissors - $16.00 each
Amaryllis Artworks "Pining to Stitch"
AnnaLee Waite Designs "In Bloom"
AnnaLee Waite Designs "Magical Season"
AnnaLee Waite Designs "Vintage Lovely"
Angel Stitchin' "Cupcakes"
Angel Stitchin' "Everything... Alright"
Angel Stitchin' "Lot of Chocolate"
Angel Stitchin' "Spring Bunny"
Angel Stitchin' "Wag Your Tail"
AuryTM "Too Cool"
bobbieG Designs "Welcome"
Chessie & Me "Make Do Sampler"
Chessie & Me "Patriotic Stitch Book"
Country Cottage Needleworks "By the Chimney"
Country Cottage Needleworks "Furry Friends"
Elizabeth's Designs "U for United"
Elizabeth's Designs "V for Violets"
Elizabeth's Designs "W for Wine"
Elizabeth's Designs "X for Xstitch"
Frosted Pumpkin "Christmas Celebration"
From the Heart "February Stamp"
From the Heart "March Stamp"
Imaginating "Let's Graduate"
Imaginating "Silly Birds Birth Record"
JBW Designs "Antique Rooster Sampler"
JBW Designs "You Shall See Wonders"
Jeannette Douglass Designs "Pyn Roll w/ Accessories"
Jeannette Douglass Designs "English Rose Sampler"
Jeannette Douglass Designs "Hollandse Merklap"
Jeannette Douglass Designs "Key to Home"
Jeannette Douglass Designs "Pins & Needles"
Jeannette Douglass Designs "Spring Bird"
Lone Elm Lane "Birds & Bees"
Lome Elm Lane "In the Garden"
Lone Elm Lane "Heaven Sent"
Lone Elm Lane "In the Moonlight"
Hoffman Exclusive from Little House Needleworks "Giving Thanks" thread pack
Little House Needleworks "Three Crowns"
Lila's Studio "Save the Bees"
Lila's Studio "Welcome Spring"
Mirabilia "Moon Flowers"
Needle Bling Designs "Baby Ahoy"
Needle Bling Designs "Keys of Love"
Needle Bling Designs "Live in the Sunshine"
Needle Bling Designs "Love & Blessings"
Needle Bling Designs "Rose Bud Sampler"
"Punch Needle & Primitive Stitcher" Magazine
Premier Issue Late Spring 2015
~ Get on the List Today ~

"Sneek Peek"
Doreen Frost
March 6, 2015
Please heck back for time
Updates on Nashville Items

*We were successful in acquiring about 90% of the pre-ordered items!

*I will directly contact those needleworkers that are waiting on orders in the next few days.  Please do not trek through the weather before contacting me directly or calling the shop - my email link - valleyneedleworks@gmail.com.

*Many items are still available so let us know if you are "needing" anything.

*Limited Edition Kits - stay tuned for availability...