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Jennifer Cave

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~ NEW ITEMS ~ Updated 10/20/16

The Drawn Thread 'Good Tidings' chart
The Drawn Thread 'Merry Christmas' chart
Little House Needleworks 'Sampler Series - LMN' chart
Little House Needleworks '2016 Christmas Ornament' chart
Little House Needleworks 'Merry Christmas pillow' chart
Country Cottage Needleworks 'Snow Place #1" chart
Country Cottage Needleworks 'Santa's Sampler' chart
The Scarlett House 'A Peaceful Gathering' chart
Rosewood Manor 'Hannah Bacon Reproduction Sampler' chart
The Needle's Notion 'Fly by Night' chart
Stoney Creek Collection 'Halloween Ornaments I' chart
Stoney Creek Collection 'Halloween Ornaments II' chart
Stoney Creek Collection 'Halloween Ornaments III' chart
Sue Hillis Designs 'Dark Shadows' chart
Sue Hillis Designs 'Creature Feature' chart
Val's Stuff 'Double Whammy' kit
Val's Stuff 'Under the Mistle-toad' kit
Val's Stuff 'Have a Merry Christ-moose' kit
The Vickery Collection 'What a Wonderful World' chart
Mercerie de la Gargouille
Sheep Punch Needle
Pineberry Lane 'Witch's Brew' chart
Stacy Nash Primitives 'Let's Meet at a Garden Gate' chart
Stacy Nash Primitives 'Redbud Cottage pinkeep' chart
Stacy Nash Primitives 'House the Stitching Built' chart
Stacy Nash Primitives 'House on Pumpkin Hill' chart
Stacy Nash Primitives 'Heart pinkeep' chart
Stacy Nash Primitives 'Goode Stitching Witch pinkeep' chart
Stacy Nash Primitives 'Freedom Needle book' chart
Stacy Nash Primitives 'Deck the Halls pinkeep' chart
Stacy Nash Primitives 'December 25 pinkeep' chart
Stacy Nash Primitives 'Boxwood manor Needle book' chart
Stacy Nash Primitives 'Be Kind and True' chart
Samplers Not Forgotten 'Christmas Tree Farm' chart
Mani di Donna 'Christmas Pillows 1' chart
Mani di Donna 'Autumn Colors Sewing Set'
Abby Rose Designs 'Do More...' chart
Cherry Lane Designs 'Rose Birth Announcement' chart
Kit & Bixby 'Winter Fur' chart
Kit & Bixby 'Autumn Fur' chart
Jeanette Douglas Designs 'Acorn Shaker Box' chart
Alessandra Adelaide 'Albero Del Dolci Sogui' chart
Alessandra Adelaide 'Paris' chart
Alessandra Adelaide '2016 Christmas Ornament' chart
Alessandra Adelaide '2016 Christmas Tree 74' chart
Alessandra Adelaide 'King Meow' chart
The Tiny Modernist 'Halloween Cuties' chart
CM Designs 'Spider Walker' chart
Jardin Prive 'Happy Halloween Night' chart
The Prairie Schooler 'Pumpkins' chart
The Nebby Needle ''Tis Autumn'
Victoria Rose Needlearts 'Fleur de lis' chart
Victorian Rose Needlarts 'Maria Bowen' chart
Victorian Rose Needleart 'Emma Chester Sampler' chart
Barbara Ana Designs 'The Fall' chart
Lizzie*Kate 'a little Thankful' kit
Lizzie*Kate 2016 Monthly Series #12 "December"
Lizzie*Kate 'Wise Men Still Seek Him' chart
Lizzie*Kate 'Come Let Us Adore Him' Boxer kit
Heartstring Samplery 'In the Garden' chart; Lone Elm Lane Box sold separately.
Blackbird Designs Garden Series #12 'All in a Row" chart.  To view all the Designs, click 'series' at the top of the page.  The Garden Series is Complete!!
Homespun Elegance 'Snow Merry' 2016 Snowman Ornament
Homespun Elegance 'Forget me not' 2016 Santa Ornament
Homespun Elegance 'Merry Derry' 2016 Sampler Ornament
JBW Designs Sing a Song Series I 'Over the River' Stocking chart
JBW Designs Sing a Song Series II 'Here Comes Santa Claus' stocking chart
JBW Designs Sing a Song Series III 'Frosty the Snowman' stocking chart
JBW Designs 'O Christmas Tree' chart
Country Cottage Needleworks 'Snow Day' chart
Country Cottage Needleworks 'Always Be Thankful' chart
Little House Needleworks ABC 2016 Series 'IJK' chart.  To view all the charts so far, please click 'series' at the top of the page.
Little House Needleworks 'My Dwelling Place' chart - pink house
2016 Prairie Schooler Santa
Blackberry Lane Designs 'Treats for Santa' Chart - 8 Designs in All!  A few images follow to show different finishing ideas.
Blackberry Lane Designs 'When Cardinals Appear' Chart
Blackberry Lane Designs 'Moonlight Haunting' chart
The Victoria Sampler 'Stichin' Witches' chart
The Victoria Sampler 'Poinsettia Place' chart
My Big Toe Designs 'Kids Leave Handprints' Chart
Jardin Prive 'ABeeC' Chart
Cuore e Batticuore 'Halloween in Quilt' chart
Cuore e Batticuore 'Halloween in The Rain' chart
Just Nan 'Mr. Nutley' Humbug' Chart with embellishments.  Mr. Nutley is a companion of Hootzie Humbug.
Pineberry Lane 'Old Black Cat & Friends' chart
La-D-Da 'Give Thanks' Chart
Stitches Through Time 'Tea With Friends' chart
Stitches Through Time 'My Shepherd' chart
Stitches Through Time 'All Things...' chart
Stitches Through Time 'Joy Cometh' chart
Stitches Through Time 'Ghostly Encounters' chart
Stitches Through Time 'When Witches Go Riding' chart
Stitches Through Time 'The Sidewheeler' chart
Stitches Through Time 'Old Glory' chart
Stitches Through Time 'Bird of Summer' chart
Erica Michael's 'Honeyberry - linen' chart
Erica Michael's 'Honeyberry - linen top'
Erica Michael's 'Honeyberry - silk gauze' chart
Erica Michael's 'Honeyberry - silk top'
Erica Michael's 'Nativity Berry - linen' chart
Erica Michael's 'Nativity Berry - linen - top'
Erica Michael's 'Nativity Berry - silk combo'
Erica Michael's 'Nativity Berry silk combo top'
Erica Michael's 'Faith' chart
Erica Michael's 'Love' chart
Erica Michael's 'These Three Remain' chart
Erica Michael's 'Joyful Christmas' chart - silk gauze
Erica Michael's '3 Wise Men' chart
Erica Michael's 'Dem Bones' chart - silk gauze
Erica Michael's 'Dem Bones' chart - linen
Barrick Samplers 'Tonight is Halloween' chart
Barrick Samplers 'Time Enough' chart
Barrick Samplers 'Miss Elizabeth Perkins' chart
Abby Rose Designs 'Believe in the Magic...' chart
Faithwurks Designs 'Little Lambs Eat Ivy' Kit - 2 sheep, banding, box, and all finishing supplies.
Faithwurks  Designs 'Bella, the b-ewe-tiful Pincushion' Kit - tea dyed 30 CT linen banding, floss, 'Bella' button, spool and perle cotton for her tail = $22.00
Faithwurks Designs 'Buttons and Lace' Kit - vintage black box for framing, linen lace, 2 types of buttons, floss, #8 Perle cotton & stitch guide - just add 18 CT Natural Linen = $25.00
Faithwurks Designs 'Mini Lantern Greetings' - New Series of interchangeable designs for the mini lantern.  Future releases will have 2 designs per chart.  This release includes the Mini Lantern = $24.00
Faithwurks Designs 'Merry Christmas to Ewe' Kit - linen banding OR Aida banding, complete finishing supplies = $18.00
Faithwurks Designs 'Friends/Sisters/Families Flock Together' Kit - hand-painted spool, WDW wool and 27 CT banding - In-Stock Now!!
Faithwurks Designs 'It's All About Fall' Kit - 27 CT Linen banding, topper & everything for finishing.  Charted over one ~ Bonus chart 'Pumpkin Patch' may be stitched over 2 = $26.00
Chessie & Me 'Floral Basket Sewing Tray and Fob' chart
Plum Street Samplers 'Earthly Treasures' chart
Plum Street Samplers 'White Pumpkin Farm' chart
Plum Street Samplers 'Penny Autumn' chart
Plum Street Samplers 'Mermaid Fraktur' chart
Plum Street Samplers 'A Merry Hart' chart
Plum Street Samplers 'CAROLINE BROOMHEAD 1838' chart
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Return & Special Request Policies

Due to the 'nature' of needlework
supplies, Valley Needleworks does
NOT accept returns.
Fabric and threads are extremely
'odor-absorbing', as are many
other stitching supplies.
All Sales are considered 'Final'.

**However, it is understood that 'unique' situations occur so please feel
free to contact me at ~
or leave a message at the shop
I will take these 'case by case'
and contact you personally.
Effective immediately

'Requested &/or special-order items'
will require full payment at
time of request.
Of course, there are times when
'pricing' is not known.
In these events, an estimated deposit
will be determined for pre-payment.
~ We Do Ship ~

Shipping costs are 12% of Order Total
*I did figure this out to be the average*
Priority Mail will be charged the
normal USPS flat fees.

*ALL Shipping Orders with merchandise totals of at least $100.00 will
receive Free Shipping*
I know that All of 
Our Customers will
completely understand
the need for these policies.

Always grateful,
Jennifer Cave

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A Plethora of Sale Items
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Ends October 29, 2016

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- Hornbooks, wood mounting       boards, frames, bell pulls...

*Weeks Dye Works Wool*
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