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~ ​NEW ITEMS - Updated 6/25/17 ~
The Scarlett House 'Mini Coverlet Berry Tray'
Ship's Manor 'Jane Divall 1844'
Samplers Revisited 'Nelley Sharp 1791'
Tree of Life Samplings "Walk Beside'
Tree of Life Samplings 'Glory, Glory'
Tree of Life Samplings 'Happy Hour'
Silver Creek Samplers 'Eye Is on the Sparrow'
Silver Creek Samplers 'Dandy Dreams'
With Thy Needle & Thread 'Summer Schoolhouse Series - Part 1'
Needle Minder - Summer Schoolhouse
Little House Needleworks 'Sampler Stitchers'
Little House Needleworks 'Early Americans Series - Nathan Hale'
'God Save the Queen'
Barbara Ana Designs 'Rooster Ride'
Just Christmas 2017 Ornament Issue - PRE ORDER NOW!!
Little Dove Designs 'Home for Christmas'
Little Dove Designs 'Summer Days';
Little Dove Designs 'Rainbow Birth Sampler'
Glendon Place 'Peter Pumpkin Head'
Glendon Place 'Overheard In an Orchard'
Glendon Place 'Rambunctious Raccoons'
Glendon Place 'Bad Girls'
Shepherd's Bush 'Liberty Notes'
Summer House Stitche Workes 'Home Hive Nest' Series = Part 2
Country Cottage Needleworks 'Sweet Sampler'
The Prairie Schooler '2017 Santa'
Mill Hill Kit 'Barbados Santa'
Mill Hill Kit Jamaica Santa'
Mill Hill Kit 'Trinidad Santa'
Mill Hill Kit 'Celestial Sleigh' Ornament
Mill Hill Kit 'Evergreen Sleigh' Ornament
Mill Hill Kit 'Traditional Sleigh' Ornament
Mill Hill Kit 'Vintage Sleigh' Ornament
Mill Hill Kit 'Woodland Sleigh' Ornament
Mill Hill Kit 'Fall Oak'
Mill Hill Kit 'Summer Oak'
Mill Hill Kit 'Spring Oak'
Mill Hill Kit 'Winter Oak'
Imaginating 'Country Wedding'
Imaginating 'Music Give My Soul Wings'
Imaginating 'Coastal Welcome'
Imaginating 'Give Thanks'
Imaginating 'Cardinals Joy'
Imaginating 'Jingle Birds'
Imaginating 'Rainbow Bridge'
Imaginating' Hug a Teacher'
Queenstown Sampler Designs '1900 TC SC Sampler'
Queenstown Sampler Designs 'HR 1879' Sampler
Heartstring Samplery 'Once Upon a Summer Huswife'
Heartstring Samplery 'All the Pretty Flowers'
Heartstring Samplery 'Apostle's Creed' sampler design
Heart in Hand Needleart 'Glad and Sincere' - part 3 - design is complete!
Heart in Hand Needleart 'Libby Liberty'
Heart in Hand Needlearts 'Strawberry Suite'
Heart In Hand Needleart 'Birds and the Bees'
By the Bay Needleart 'Winter Cove'
By the Bay Needlert 'Summer Cove'
By the Bay Needleart 'Spring Cove'
By the Bay Needleart 'Mermaid Cove'
Mirabilia Designs 'Renaissance Mermaid'
Stoney Creek Collection 'Boys & Toys'
Bobbie G Designs 'Honeybees'
Elizabeth's Designs 'Easter Flower'
Elizabeth's Designs 'Springtime'
Elizabeth's Designs 'Summetime'
Elizabeth's Designs 'For Love of Needlework'
Abby Rose Designs 'Tea for Two'
Abby Rose Designs 'An Autumn Pillow'
Alessandra Adelaide Needleworks 'Forever'
Stacy Nash Primitives 'Mary Barres tray and pinwheel'
Stacy Nash Primitives 'Rabbit Hollow Farm'
Stacy Nash Primitives 'Summer House Pinkeep'
Lila's Studio 'Seasons Pillows - Summer'
Lila's Studio 'Season Pillows - Spring'
Samplers Not Forgotten 'Liberty'
Plum Street Samplers 'Hello Summer'
Plum Street Samplers 'Mariner's Drum'
Plum Street Samplers 'Mariner's Drum' side view
Plum Street Sampler 'Cape Cod Keepers'
Plum Street Samplers 'Cotton Bird'
Plum Street Samplers 'Sampler House I'
Plum Street Samplers 'Sampler House II'
Plum Street Samplers 'Sew Sisters'
Summer House Stitche Workes 'Fragments in Time 2017 - part 5'
Summer House Stitche Workes 'Fragments in Time 2017 - part 6'
Little House Needleworks 'Americana Series - Martha Washington'
Nora Corbett/Mirabilia 'Fairies - Foxgloves'
Nora Corbett/Mirabilia 'Fairies - Bleeding Hearts'
Hands on Designs 'Let It Bee'
Blackbird Designs 'She Sights a Bird'
Blackbird Designs 'Light Upon the Lawn - part 2'
Blackbird Designs 'It's Spring Fever' - 2017 Loose Feathers #2
Hands on Designs '12 Days - Seans and Maids'
Lizzie*Kate 'Summer Smalls'
Lizze8Kate 'Be Still'
Lizzie*Kate 'Red, White, Beach'
Lizzie*Kate 'Celebration Series - BOO'
Fairy in the Woods 'Knitter Witch'
Fairy in the Woods 'Frank Gingerbread'
Fairy in the Woods 'Tina Candy Corn'
Fairy in the Woods 'Happy Halloween'
Fairy in the Woods 'Tombstone Sweet Tombstone'
Fairy in the Woods 'Mermaids Are Real'
Fairy in the Woods 'Rabbit and Ghosts'
Fairy in the Woods 'Radish Ghost'
Fairy in the Woods 'Summer Seagulls'
Fairy in the Woods 'The Unicorn'
Micahel Powell Art 'Best Friend'
Michael Powell Art 'Field of Bees'
Michael Powell Art 'Lighthouse'
Michael Powell Art 'Farmhouse'
Michael Powell Art 'Christmas Lights'
Michael Powell Art 'White Church'
Michael Powell Art 'Flower Meadow Bookmark Kit'
Michael Powell Art 'Hearts in a Glass Vase Bookmark Kit'
Michael Powell Art 'Well Done'
Michael Powell Art 'Laugh Often'
'Stitching in the Valley'
2017 Retreat
October 6 - 8, 2017

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JULY 1 - 8, 2017
Great News ~ Hubby & I are closing on the house in Middletown!!

Those of you that know Joe, understand our physical challenges.  Please be patient with me as I am busy, busy, busy!!  Thank You!
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'Christmas in July'
Sale 2017

July 11 - 22, 2017

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