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Heartstring Samplery "Take Heart"
Dames of the Needle "Canned Pumpkin Pom Pom Trim" - 1 yard
MTV Designs "Autumn Flame"
MTV Designs "My Needles in Autumn"
MTV Designs "My Needles in Summer"
The Stitcherhood "Teach Them"
The Sweetheart Tree "Beach Rules"
The Sweetheart Tree "Quaker Alphabet Square I"
The Sweetheart Tree "Quaker Alphabet Square II"
The Sweetheart Tree "Tulip Time in Holland"
The Sweetheart Tree "Halloween Gothic Revisited"
Heart in Hand "Wee Santa 2015"
Homespun Elegance "Purr Pals"
Homespun Elegance "Snow Birds in Tow"
Homespun Elegance "Delivering Yummies"
Homespun Elegance "Christmassy Stuff"
Poppy Kreations "Christmasville II"
Poppy Kreations "Watch, Listen, Believe"
Alessandra Adelaide Needleworks "Christmas Cardinal"
Alessandra Adelaide Needleworks "Equilibrio"
Alessandra Adelaide Needleworks "In A Dark Dark Wood"
Alessandra Adelaide Needleworks "Stitch Your Pumpkin"
Alessandra Adelaide Needleworks "Christmas Tree 89"
Alessandra Adelaide Needleworks "A Chat Between the Branches"
Plum Street Samplers "Sampler Lesson #3"
Pheasant Street Samplers "Secret Garden"
Pheasant Street Samplers "Summer Sampler"
Kelmscott Designs "UFO Queen"
The Prairie Schooler "2015 Schooler Santa"
The Prairie Schooler "Evergreen"
The Prairie Schooler "Bump in the Night"
The Prairie Schooler "Night Flight"
The Prairie Schooler "Witching Hour"
Val's Stuff "Tricks or Treats"
The Primitive Jewel "Sunflower Necklace"
Nora Corbett (designer for Mirabilia) "The Willow Queen"
Nora Corbett (designer for Mirabilia) "The Rain Queen"
Rosewood Manor "Spanish Proverb"
Rosewood Manor "Dreaming of Roses"
My Big Toe "My Stitching and Me"
My Big Toe "I Fail at Flowers"
My Big Toe Designs "Heal"
My Big Toe Designs "For God So Loveth..."
Lila's Studio "Barefoot Days"
The Tiny Modernist "Cute Cowboys"
Lizzie*Kate - more sled ornaments
Lizzie*Kate "Drive a Stick"
Lizzie*Kate 2015 Christmas Ornaments Preview
Lizzie Kate "Celebrate"
Little House Needleworks "Potted Poinsettia"
Little House Needleworks "Hometown Holiday - Pet Store"
Little House Needleworks "Hello Phone Case"
Mani di Donna "Starry Night" - Lone Elm Lane pincushion base available upon request
Mani di Donna "Butterflies" - hornbook & pins available upon request
Kelmscott Designs "Piggie Needleminder"
Serenity Stitches "Lazy Days of Summer"
Serenity Stitches "Christmas Cuties"
Jardin Prive "Vivement Noel"
Jardin Prive "Sampler Hiver"
Jardin Prive "Patchwork Halloween"
Jardin Prive "Patchwork de Noel"
Jardin Prive "Patchwork de la Brodeuse"
Jatdin Prive "Aux Coulerus de Digoin"
Jardin Prive "ABC des Maisons"
Jarden Prive "Eiffel Quaker"
Jarden Prive "My Lady's Quaker"
Jarden Prive "Quaker d' Halloween"
Jarden Prive "Christmas"
Imaginating "Serving of Fruit"
Imaginating "Let's Retire"
Imaginating "Fantasy in Blue"
Imaginating "Bless the World With Peace"
Homespun Elegance "2015 Christmas Ornaments"
Glendon Place "Spell Bound"
Glendon Place "Cruisin'"
Carriage House Samplings "Quaker Quilts"
Hands on Designs "Summer Harvest"
Hands on Designs "Year in Chalk - October"
Hands on Designs "Year in Chalk - August"
Country Cottage Needleworks "Fa La La"
Country Cottage Needleworks "Be Merry"
Country Cottage Needleworks "Autumn Celebrations"
Bent Creek "Bluebirds"
Annie's Publishing "Mini Christmas Stocking Ornaments" PRE-ORDER NOW!!
Abby Rose Designs "Mind Your Manners"
Alessandra Adelaide "Southern Christmas"
Alessandra Adelaide "Happy Owl"
The Scarlett House "On Sampler Hill"
Dames of the Needle "White Pumpkins Sampler"
Notforgotten Farm "Uncharted Linen"
Notforgotten Farm "Beekeeper"
Plum Street Samplers "Liberty Inn"
Plum Street Samplers "Deer Friends"
Plum Street Samplers "Remember Me"
Nikyscreations "A Sampler Farm"
Threadwork Primitives "Where Liberty Dwells"
Vickery Collection "Celestial Enchantment"
Alessandra Adelaide "Heart of a Summer Sunset"
Alessandra Adelaide "Another Fleur de Lys"
Alessandra Adelaide "Bernardo"
Homespun Elegance "Twin Samplers"
Homespun Elegance "Liberty House"
Scissor Tail Designs "Patriotic Hearts"
By the Bay Needleart "Noble Leap of Faith"
Cross Point Designs "Wisdom"
Mani di Donna "Halloween Days Sewing Basket"
Val's Stuff "Peek-a-Boo"
Val's Stuff "Kiss Me"
From the Heart "July Postcard"
From the Heart "Sunflower Fields"
Imaginating "Let's Bake"
Imaginating "Let's Marry By the Sea"
Imaginating "Sunflowers Three"
Imaginating "Mr. & Mrs. Wedding"
Jardin Prive "Alice au Pays des Mervielles"
Lena Lawson Needlearts "Santa's Evening"
Long Dog Samplers #78
Long Dog Samplers #77
Country Cottage Needleworks "To Have..."
AuryTM "Patriotic Hearts"
Mirabilia "The Raven Queen"
Lilli Violette "un giorno di primavera"
Lizzie*Kate "a little Mystery Sampler" Sneak Peek
Little House Needleworks "Thread Keeper"
Little House Needleworks "Sampler Tree - Peace Ornament"
Little House Needleworks "Pretty as a Peacock"
Noteworthy Needle "Scarf Slide Sampler Kit"
Noteworthy Needle "Scarf Slide Butterflies"
Noteworthy Needle "Tray Necessaire"
Noteworthy Needle "Sarah Eliza Livermore"
Noteworthy Needle "Mary Ann Read 1819"
Noteworthy Needle "House for Wax"
Noteworthy Needle "Patriotic Pail"
Noteworthy Needle "Bunny Bucket"
Noteworthy Needle "Beach Bucket"
Noteworthy Needle "Rusty Bucket"
Summer House Stitche Workes - Postcard Series #7 - "Tour"
Summer House Stitche Workes - Postcard Series #8 - "Heart"
Summer House Stitche Workes - Postcard Series #9 - "Hero"
Pineberry Lane "Rebecca Hall" Reproduction
Serenity Stitches "Cute As a Bug"
Serenity Stitches "Thinking of You"
The Scarlett House "The Queen's Garden"
Victoria Sampler "Stitchin' Witches"
Victoria Sampler "Beach Cottage"
With Thy Needle & Thread "Grand Olde Flag"
With Thy Needle & Thread "Bluebird Out My Window"
Hoffman Exclusive by Little House Needleworks "Blessed is the Life"
Country Cottage Needleworks "Land That I Love"
Lynn's Prints/Diane Graebner "Basket Maker"
Lynn's Prints/Diane Graebner "Friends in the Pasture"
Ink Circles "Holly Jolly Mandala"
Ink Circles "Twice Cursed"
Alessandra Adelaide "Riccioli di Natale"
Alessandra Adelaide "Surfing Air"
Alessandra Adelaide "Bat Meow"
Alessandra Adelaide "Halloween Confusion"
Alessandra Adelaide "Summer Moon"
Primitive Hare "Ichabod Crane Inn"
Primitive Hare "Green Witch"
Primitive Hare "Florence 1445"
Primitive Hare "Winter Lace"
Pineberry Lane "Mrs. Maguire's Garden"
La-D-Da "Peace on Earth"
Notforgotten Farm "Sepia Sampler"
Dames of the Needle "Eliza Anne Scott"
Dames of the Needle 32 CT Linen - Dirty Ewe
Dames of the Needle 32 CT Linen - Peep's Lost Sheep
Kathy Barrick "Stitching Girls"
Kathy Barrick "Sophia the Angel" - Punch Needle
Ship's Manor "Trip to the Moon"
Serenity Stitches "Trust Me"
Keslyn's "Cottage Grove"
Lila's Studio "Bee Sampler"
Erica Michaels "Quiet Moments" - Silk Gauze Included
Erica Michaels "O My Soul" - Silk Gauze Included!
Erica Michaels "Ask, Seek & Knock" - Silk Gauze Included!
TA Smith "From This Day Forward"
TA Smith "My Sunshine"
The Nebby Needle "A Bee C"
From the Heart "Floral Postcard - June"
"Let's Love Little Girls"
"Let's Love Little Boys"
"Let's Go Green"
"Let's Drink Beer"
Lizzie*Kate "A Little Mystery Sampler" coming soon!
Lizzie*Kate "Nevermore"
Lizzie*Kate "Do Small Things" - Pre-Order NOW!!
Lizzie*Kate "Embrace/Life"
Lizzie*Kate "Dreaming/Miracles"
Lizzie*Kate "Seasons" - now available as a chart pack with all 4 Designs!
Hands on Designs "Seas the Day"
Hands on Designs "Stitching by the Sea"
Hands on Designs "July" - Chalk Series
Hands on Designs "August" - Chalk Series
Nikyscreations "Things I Like"
Nikyscreations "Amish Girl Series - May/June"
The Pinkeep "On the Edge of a Petal"
The Sweetheart Tree "Spring Violet Sampler"
Threadwork Primitives "Spring Tail Feathers"
Threadwork Primitives "My Treasures"
Threadwork Primitives "Wild Pomegranate"
Threadwork Primitives "Joy Of My Heart Ditty Bag"
Tempting Tangles "Broderie Bleue"
Tempting Tangles "Jonah's Whale"
Tempting Tangles "Procrastination"
Vintage Saltbox Needle Minder
Carolina House Designs "Aunt Helen's Sampler"
GigiR "The Biedermeier Sampler"
GigiR "Madonna and Child Sampler, 1862"
Plum Street Samplers "George and Martha"
Plum Street Samplers "Winsome Pair"
Plum Street Samplers "Party Tarts"
Little House Needleworks "My Lady Liberty"
Plum Street Samplers "Sampler Lessons 2" - IN STOCK!!
Blackbird Designs "LOOSE FEATHERS 2014 #12 GARDEN BORDERS"
Queenstown Sampler Designs "Caroline E Woolman"
Jeannette Douglass "O Canada True North Strong Sampler"
Jeannette Douglass "Summer Flower, The"
The Victoria Sampler "Easter Egg Hunt Sampler"
The Cricket Collection "September"
The Cricket Collection "October"
The Drawn Thread "The Pastoral" - 3 designs!
The Drawn Thread "Ricardo's Roses"
The Drawn Thread "Free and Brave"
The Primitive Jewel "Summer Threads"
Lizzie*Kate "Sweet Summer" Limited Edition Kit
Scattered Seeds Samplers "Faithful Friend"
Little House Needleworks "Patriot's Row"
Barbara Ana Designs "Hocus Pocus"
Barbara Ana Designs "Cock-a-Doodle-Do"
Barbara Ana Designs "Fair Philomel"
Val's Stuff "Frankly My Dear" Kit - perforated paper, sparkly black backing, thread for attachment, & buttons!
The Scarlett House "Strawberry House"
The Scarlett House "A Few Favorite Things"
Hands on Designs "May - Plant Seeds of Joy"
Hands on Designs "June - Catch a Wave"
Heart in Hand "August"
Heart in Hand "September"
Heart in Hand "October"
Heart in Hand "November"
Heart in Hand "You are my one and always"
2015 Newest Items
Image Numbers Changed on 8/1/15
Retreat Brochures

Temari Ball Images
Thank You
Jenni Davis
Class Piece
Class Instruction Folder & Project Kit What could be inside?  The take-out box has a natural-linen design... Jenni is Awesome!!
Oh My Goodness... look at all the goodies!!  Is that a pre-wrapped ball?  Is that a ball cushion handmade by Jenni?
What is this?  Another take-out box?  I bet this has some more goodies in it...
Looks like the class fibers... awesomeness!!
We all received a great-tastical "ball pillow" handmade by Jenni!  Thank You!!  Showing you the better side of my ball... hehehe!
Class Gallery
Norden Crafts 2015 Needlework Show
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